How to choose right mower and sprinkler systems for your lawn in Texas

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Proper lawn care to keep your grass green and healthy requires some investment in time, effort and resources. Some of these resources include investment in lawn care equipment which are necessary to maintain and manage your landscape.


If you’re using a residential mowing service company, it might mean you won’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details of maintaining your lawn. All that is required is to hire, pay up and watch observe your lawn yard when you have the time.

Moving on.....

It can be said that mowing and watering are the most repeated activities needed to care for your lawn whether you’re doing it yourself or using a lawn service in Texas.


Mowing is usually done once every week same as watering. Neglecting these two routines will cause trouble for your lawn grass.

To make the mowing and watering processes automated and easy, lawn owners needs to know the exact type of mower or sprinkler systems that will suit their lawn best.


Usually, the type of equipment selected is dependent on a number of factors. GoMow Texas lawn services near your location can be consulted on this if you need guidance if you’re just starting out.

However, in this post, we have discussed how to choose the right lawn mower and sprinkler systems for your lawn in Texas.


For Lawn Mowers

1.) Size of your lawn

The type of lawn mower you choose should be considered alongside the baize of your lawn yard.


Push mowers, which can be electric or gasoline powered are usually the preferred choice of mowers for small to moderate-sized lawn yards.

There’s less stress for the handler and not much ground to cover during each mowing session.


For large lawn yards, consider going for a tractor-type or driven lawn mower. This type can be driven around to cover your large expanse of grass with relative ease.

2.) Consider the available power source

Electric mowers are mostly cheaper when put to use compared to gasoline or diesel-powered lawn mowers.


The latter type of mowers requires buying and using gasoline or diesel to power it up for use. Electric mowers on the other hand, only have to be plugged in to use them.

3.) Ease of maintenance and repair

The more complex or technical equipment is, the more expertise or effort it’ll require to maintain or repair it if any issues occur.


When buying a lawn mower, it’s important to consider whether to get a less expensive, simple system that can do the job or to go for a bells-and-whistle type that has all the features in the mower production industry.

4.) Your budget is important

In truth, budget is a major factor to consider when picking a lawn mower. You don’t want to overspend on this.


The best way to go about it is to check your budget and do a thorough search of the options available at that price. For your budget click on GoMow Weekly & Bi-Weekly lawn mowing service plans at an affordable price in Texas.

5.) Consider reviews and feedback from past users

Before choosing that lawn mower, you may have to find out for yourself how others who have used the product feel about it.


You’ll find reviews online to backup the mowing equipment if you check with proper diligence.

For Sprinkler Systems

Without a proper sprinkler system in place in your lawn yard, your grass is bound to have difficulties if you do not follow up with regular manual watering.


“Generally, sprinkler systems are seen as expensive by a good number of lawn owners but it isn’t so when the benefits are out in perspective with the cost.”

Now look at it this way, watering is usually done on the lawn by using a water-hose manually to spray water throughout the lawn yard. This sounds and is actually tedious especially when you are bound to do it every week to keep your lawn green and healthy.


“The truth is, if you’re managing your lawn yard by yourself, there are times you will not feel like carrying out the watering routine. If this happens repeatedly, your grass suffers dehydration over time.”

Neglecting to water your lawn could be caused by being busy and unavailable, being tired or sheer laziness. It happens to even the best of us.


What’s the way out?

Get a lawn maintenance service in Texas to handle this, of course you’ll have to pay them for it or get a sprinkler system installed one-time and forget about your lawn watering challenge.


It’s not really expensive when you consider the long-term benefits. Your lawn stays hydrated without much input from you, you are saved from the stress of spraying water weekly and you save time and money you would have paid a lawn maintenance service in Texas.

Two types of Sprinkler systems to consider are:

Spray sprinkler system - This type of sprinkler works by spraying water around and over the lawn. Water pipes are led inside the soil and connected to sprinklers that throw water as required.


Spray sprinkler systems usually require a lot of water for maximum effectiveness.

Drip sprinkler system - This type of sprinkler system works by dripping water directly into the soil from buried water pipes with specially-designed open points in it.


“The special openings drip water into the soil directly. Drip sprinkler systems require less water and are best for areas with low water access.”

They’re less common than the spray sprinklers and it must also be mentioned that with this type of sprinkler, people around your lawn yard won’t have to get sprayed whenever you’re irritating your grass.


Here are some important facts to consider before selecting a lawn sprinkler.

1.) Consider your budget and how much you can afford to spend on it.

2.) Check your type of soil before picking a sprinkler type. Your lawn care service could help with an inspection and recommendation.


3.) You may need to also check the availability of water in your area before deciding on a type of sprinkler. Spray sprinklers are great if you have an ample water source. Drip sprinklers are better if the case is different.

4.) Consider how easy or difficult the installation process would be before deciding on a sprinkler. You might need support from an expert in any lawn care service near you.


5.) Check out the features of the lawn sprinkler to its capacity to provide adequate water for your lawn yard. Again, a residential mowing service company can provide you with the best insights on how to about this.

Whether you need lawn care in Plano or the rest of Texas, an effective GoMow lawn care service will have your lawn looking beautiful, clean and healthy green if used right.


Consider getting them for your lawn today. Contact us for the best recommendations and FREE QUOTE from GoMow Lawn Care Services Texas!

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