How to detect and treat lawn pests during fall in Austin TX

How to detect and treat lawn pests during fall in Austin TX

As a lawn owner, it’s almost certain that at some point, your lawn yard is going to experience pest infestation to a degree. How severe this would be is dependent on your lawn care routine. Pests mostly attack plants, of which your lawn is one, in the Fall season just as summer is ending.

Fortunately, with adequate grass treatment services within your area, the effects of any potential attack will be either minimal or nipped in the bud before it gets serious. In this post, we discussed how to detect and treat lawn pests during fall in Austin TX.


If you own a lawn yard, these tips come recommended from the best lawn mowing services in Austin TX, and will help you get pests off your lawn in record time. Enjoy reading!

1.) Mow and trim your lawn yard right

Overgrown vegetation is a hot bed for pests and their likes. When your lawn yard is over-grown and bushy, pests find it to be a convenient, safe heaven to inhabit and do their evil work. Weeds will easily florish in a busy, poorly-maintained lawn yard, same as insect pests, rodents, grubs and even snakes.

Grass-loving bugs will find such a place quite nice to live in, while root-eating grubs will feast on grass undergrowth. To avoid this malevolent-sounding occurrence on your lawn, regular and proper mowing is needed.

Fall mowing in TX should continue up until the early weeks of winter when the grass becomes stagnant and stops growing. The best mowing time is early in the morning before the sun goes too high and hot. Grass clippings should be bagged and put away and debris on the lawn should be picked and packed off too. Get shrubs trimmed and trees properly pruned.


To make the mowing easier, hiring a lawn mowing service in Texas is a recommended approach for every lawn owner.

2.) Periodically check and treat pest infestation

This is a crucial step where lawn care is concerned. Pest infestation which includes beetle grub attack, can seriously damage your lawn if allowed to get out of hand. Grubs feed on the roots of grass reducing their ability to absorb nutrients and ultimately causing death.


Engage a professional lawn care services Austin TX to provide lawn care support when it comes to pest eradication. If you lack professional experience, pest control is one area of lawn care to leave to the experts and we agree absolutely.

3.) Eradicate weeds regularly

Weeds are dangerous to plants in your lawn in the sense that they compete with them for virtualy everything, from nutrients, water, air etc. Without removing weeds, your lawn yard is likely to become overwhelmed by it and in time, the grasses and other plants will die out from utrient deprivation.


In addition, weeds are known to attract bugs and pests too so removing them is important to preserving your lawn as you carry out fall lawn care. Weeds can be removed by hand, pulled singly from the roots up and out or by application of topical weed killers. When pulling out weeds, bag them and dispose off properly so they don’t cause problems elsewhere.

However, it’s important to be careful when applying weed-killing agents so as not to endanger your lawn. For best results, consider hiring a lawn care service within the Texas area as they’ll have more knowledge on indigeneous plant life.


4.) Avoid over-watering your lawn yard

Too much watering can do more harm than good to your lawn. When the lawn is overly wet, pests are drawn to it and will thrive easily in it. The excess water on the lawn sits on the surface of the ground forming a puddle that inhabits mosquitoes and other dangerous larvae.


These pests make the lawn yard an inconvenient place to relax and have fun with family and loved ones. Watering should be reduced to once a week unless you noticed extra dryness in the lawn yard. At this time of the year, the temperature is usually lower meaning increased retained moisture in the air and the soil.

Fall lawn care doesn’t have to be a chore. Consult with an affordable lawn maintenance Austin, to keep your lawn free of pests in fall. Your lawn deserves the best care and at GoMow Lawn Mowing Services Texas, we can help you get started.


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