How to remove moles in your lawn in Round Rock, TX

Moles can be very troublesome for lawn owners in certain areas of Round Rock, TX. Considering they’re underground carnivorous rodents that root in the earth for insects to feed on, their living and feeding activities affect plant growth. Many lawns have been ruined by their burrowing which create holes in the earth and destroys soil structure.

For lawn owners who have problems with mole infestation, this post will be found quite useful in providing tips on how to removes moles in your lawn in Round Rock, TX. When getting started, hire professional lawn care in Round Rock.


The clearest indication that you might have moles on your lawn is when you noticed tiny heaps of soil on it in the mornings. These are soil dug by moles as they carry on with their activities. It must be noted that moles prefer moist loamy earth which are usually easier to dig through. You might even find them on the surface of the lawn after rains.

  1. In a case of mole infestation, your first port of call is a lawn care services Round Rock TX. Not only are the indigenous to the area, they also have experience in best lawn care practices. Usually, applying a repellent on the ground is enough to eradicate moles from the lawn quickly.
  2. Mixing castor oil into the earth will turn even a grub-rich lawn into a no-go area for moles to forage in. Moles love feeding on soil organisms but not when their favorite meals have been tampered with using detergents or castor oil. To apply this solution, mix 3 parts of castor oil with 1 part of detergent then soak any noticeable mole holes with it.
  3. Moles are known to detest the scent of tar. A good placement of a material soaked in roofing tar, for instance, will keep them off your lawn as long as possible. Few pests will stay put when an offensive element is introduced into their environment; fortunately, moles aren’t one of them.
  4. You might also decide to go the biological route by finding natural predators of moles. An example is to own a couple of cats and allowing them to roam your lawn yard from time to time. The beautiful pets will keep moles fleeing your lawn as fast as they can help it. Consult a lawn service Round Rock TX on how to get started on this tip.
  5. An option that works well is to get anti-pest vibration gadgets designed for this purpose inserted into the earth to cause periodic vibrations. Moles find these vibrations disturbing and will move away from the area after a while. Lawn care Round Rock TX would give you the best advice on how to go about this. These gadgets work great and are a safe way of ridding lawns of moles without any fall-out.Trapping moles is also a good way to rid your lawn of them. Find a non-lethal way to trap the moles and release them in non-residential areas where they won’t cause trouble to anyone else. For support, your local lawn care service in Round Rock will be a good choice on how best to set traps to catch moles without abusing them.
  6. Moles can also be eradicated by sprinkling a good deal of red pepper powder to cause discomfort to any moles within the tunnels and holes. Results will most likely manifest after a few days of application.

Is your lawn infested with moles, contact GoMow Lawn Care Services Texas to help with an effective solution to eradicate them. Your lawn yard deserves the best, and any of these tips can make it happen!

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