How to save your untamed lawn turfs in Coppell, TX

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There might come a time when your lawn yard becomes untamed from lack of lawn care. If this happens, there are specific steps to take to reclaim your lawn and save it from complete loss.


As an experienced lawn care Coppell TX, we have listed 6 steps on how to save your untamed lawn turfs in Coppell, TX.

1.) First, carry out tests on your soil to ensure your soil type and content is still enriched adequately


Hire a lawn care company in Coppell to run soil tests on the soil so you can decide whether to replace your soil or enrich it with organic material. A layer of compost evenly spread out on the lawn soil can do a lot. Your soil will become enriched as the nutrient compounds breakdown in the compost matter.

It must be mentioned that an untamed lawn yard will require using an aerator to loosen the earth before the organic fertilizer is added to it. As always, hiring a lawn care service in Coppell, TX, should be considered for best results; they are experienced and have the resources to do a good job.


2) Pick new grass suitable for the area

Choose a grass type depending on your area of residence. The following grass types grow great in Coppell, TX – Zoysia, Bermuda Grass, Sea Isle Paspalum, and St Augustine. The type of grass planted on your lawn can make the difference between having a lovely, green lawn and having a poor one.


These grass types are tough and resilient against disease, pests, and harsh weather. In addition, they look great when cared for by experienced hands. Your chosen lawn maintenance service can serve as a consultant in helping you set up the new grass.

3) Mowing should be carried out consistently

Regular mowing stimulates healthy growth of the grass. After the first 4-6 weeks of setting up the new grass, mowing should be carried out to stimulate plant metabolism and vigorous growth further. When cut as required, you will find out that your lawn will grow thick and close-standing becoming naturally resistant to weeds.


Mow in the mornings or evenings and set the mower blades to cut high rather than low. A good rule of thumb is to cut only one-third the height of the lawn grass during each lawn mowing session. Contact GoMow lawn care Coppell for mowing schedules. Usually, this can be either weekly or biweekly, depending on how fast your lawn grass grows full.

4) Weeding is important to avoid an infestation

When a lawn is healthy, it’s difficult for weeds to get in. The grasses will naturally starve them off of nutrients, and they will die from the competition. Any remaining strands can be pulled off from the root in whole and dispose.


Biodegradable topical weed control agents can be applied on the surface of these plants if there are many of them. Chemical weed killer application should be considered as a last option when other methods fail, and the user instructions should strictly be adhered to. Hire a lawn service Coppell TX to run through this procedure for you to avoid mistakes that will harm your lawn.

5) Watering must be regular and done right

Your new, formerly untamed lawn needs regular watering to grow properly. Watering should be done once or twice weekly to encourage the grassroots to grow in deep into the earth.


During each watering session, ensure that the water level is about an inch above the soil before stopping. This will ensure your soil soaks up enough water until the next watering session. Another practice that can help you determine the water level on your lawn is by using small disposable cups placed at intervals - the water collected in this container will give you an idea of how much water soaked across each square inch of earth. The cups should be full before you stop.

Watering should be done via a watering can for small lawns, a hose for medium-sized lawns and installed sprinkler systems for large lawns.


6) Apply organic fertilizers the right away

Fertilizer application is important in recovering an untamed lawn. Use only recommended organic fertilizers and work closely with a Coppell lawn service. Weeds and fungi benefit from any unused Nitrogen compounds coming from overuse of Nitrogen fertilizers.


Therefore, it’s important to use to be moderate in your application. Check the containing pack to know exactly what you are buying or better yet, go with a lawn maintenance Coppell with good reviews from other people.

If you are going the purely organic route, composting is a good option. Build or buy compost matter, then when ready, evenly spread it on the surface of your lawn in liberal portions.


When followed carefully, these tips are proven to restore any untamed lawn to a beautiful, healthy, and green lawn yard.

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